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Simply Wonderful Ghee


This ghee has been manufactured from indigenous cows only. This is manufactured by traditional Hand churned method.No kind of machines and no chemical are being used.

Ghee is a common household product in India which is widely used in to make food tasty. It is served with rice, khichdi and dal and specially in summer it is poured in “Aamras” to make it palatable.

Pure desi-ghee is also known for its medicinal use as sinus patients are prescribed to pour few drops of pure desi ghee in their nose and sometimes ghee drops are useful for improving the eye sight. The use of cow ghee does not enhance cholesterol in our body and it is not harmful for the heart. According scientists Cow’s ghee has tremendous power to protect our body from radioactive waves. Desi-ghee is useful for better digestion and energy. It is also known as vat-pitta-kafanashak.

PURE COW GHEE helps in anti-ageing,it raises the beauty and purifies the blood. The diseases like paralysis and Asthma are also controlled by Desi-ghee.

Desi-Ghee is often used for religious purposes. During sacrific(yagya) ghee is poured into Agni. Krishna in Bhagavad Gita said” whatever material is used to perform sacrifices is me”. Only cow’s ghee should be used for auspicious occasions.

Desi ghee is regarded as symbol of wealth, prosperity and health of a family. Desi-Ghee is not made from chemicals or machine. Adulterated ghee contains oils and other chemicals which can be very harmful to human health.

Pure Ghee is known as a substance that gives longevity and it has the quality of softness that is used in AyurvedicPanchkarma treatments such as NetraBasti.

We prepare Desi-Ghee by traditional method. This Vedic method is the best process to prepare Desi-Ghee. In market ghee is produced from milk cream through machines and chemicals. The Ghee prepared with machines and chemicals does not have medicinal properties. At our centre we take care that Ghee is made by Ayurvedic method which is recommended by Indian literature.

Direction: Ghee should always be consumed with hot item.

Go-Ark or Distilled Cow Urine

Health Benefit of Goark (Distilled Cow Urine):

1. Loss of appetite 2. Acidity 3. Obesity 4. Liver disease 5. Diabetes 6. Asthma 7. Cancer 8. Weakness 9. High blood pressure 10. Vomiting 11. Constipation 12. Pita (ayurvedic fire element) aggravation 13. Hernia 14. Stomach problems 15. Stroke 16. Itching 17. Leprosy 18. Hair loss 19. Problems related to eyes 20. Common cold 21. Common fever 22. Skin disease 23. Heart diseases 24. Headache 25. Memory loss 26. Eczema 27. Jaundice 28. Swelling 29. Problems related to women health 30. Toxic diseases 31. Diseases in children 32. Loss of semen 33. Appendicitis 34. Breast cancer 35. Dental problems 36. Typhoid 37. Throat problems 38. Stress 39. Gastric problems 40. Ear problems 41. Epilepsy 42. Piles 43. Too much urinating 44. Loss of sleep 45. Ringworms 46. Grey hair 47. Fainting 48. Too much Pita(ayurvedic fire element) in the blood 49. Kidney diseases 50. Mouth problems

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